In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency

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Time 7pm - 10pm
Date October 27th - October 27th
Location Science Gallery, Trinity College, Pearse St, D1

In celebration of one of Trinity College’s most famous alumnus, Bram Stoker, join us at Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin on the 27th October for a night of delicious doomsday disasters and ominous occurrences. This late-night party, part of the exhibition IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, will invite visitors to explore everything from plagues and pandemics to infectious disease and survivalist preppers.

On the night, expect to hear from leading experts in the field who are preparing for the apocalypse… NOW. Featuring the portentously playful musical meanderings of DJ Sally Cinnamon and tasty travesty treats… Come along dressed to survive the end of the world.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, the latest free exhibition at Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, explores why the disastrous can be devilishly entertaining, and whether there’s any truth to dismal predictions. Join doomers, designers, and doctors as they lay out the top threats to our world, evaluate how likely they are, and spell out exactly what we can do about it.

Free and ticketed.
Suitable for 15+

Accessible to visitors who have mobility requirements.

Looking for costume ideas?  Head to Celebrations Party Shop, 70 Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1.

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