Tales from the Shadows : Gothic Tales

Tales from the Shadows : Gothic Tales

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Time 14.00; 16.00
Date October 29th - October 29th
Location Marsh's Library, D.8

A beautiful shadow puppet show in one of Bram Stoker’s favourite Dublin haunts, the magnificent Marsh’s Library.

Many things lurk in the shadows and go bump in the night: devious devils, vengeful vampires, gloating goblins and sorrowful spectres to name but a few. If you’re brave enough for some scary stories, come watch the forces of light and darkness do battle and listen to our Tales from the Shadows.

Through the winter of 1866 Bram Stoker would sit reading in Marsh’s Library, studying books on religion, witchcraft and travel in Eastern Europe. Stoker became a regular reader in Marsh’s visiting frequently during his studies at Trinity College. The Library is a place where it is easy to imagine the world of reality and that of the gothic intertwining. As you make your way down the length of the second gallery it is not hard to believe that the spirit of the founder Archbishop Marsh is watching you from the bays, as he searches for a note his niece left him when she eloped. Just a few years after Stoker’s visits an Egyptian mummy was found in the Library (appearing again decades later missing its head and right hand…). Who knows what else may lurk among the bays? 

Free entry on a first come first served basis with prizes for the best costumes.

Suitable for all ages, with parental guidance advised for under 6’s.

Running time approx 45 mins.


Brought to you by:

  • Dublin City Council
  • Failte Ireland
  • Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht
  • Dublin UNESCO City of Literature
  • Project Arts Centre

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