We Are The Monsters

We Are The Monsters

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Time 9pm
Date October 27th - October 30th
Location D-Light Studios, 46 North Great Clarence St, North Strand, Dublin 1

“Welcome. Please make yourselves comfortable. Let your eyes acclimatize to the dark. Look to the person on your left, then look to the person on your right. These people cannot help you. Now, let us begin”…

Trapped in a room at the end of the world, our host introduces a couple who sit and tell each other stories. He observes their hidden monsters, their wrong thoughts, the pale wretched creatures that reach through their dreams to wake and stretch in the light. As all the while he waits and watches and guards against the creeping darkness within. We are the Monsters is a name for the nameless and a dark dissection of how horror can help us process the world we live in today. Featuring a despotic horror host, fake blood, an interview with Dr. Caroline Picart, a story about a child finding a finger in the back garden, and moths.

9pm nightly, with extra performance at 6pm on Sat 28th

Tickets €12.00


Online booking for tonight’s (Monday 30 Oct) performance will close at 6pm. Some tickets will be available to purchase on the door at the venue. Box Office will open at D-Light Studios from 8.15pm (cash only).

Age suitability: 16+. Please note that this venue is regrettably not wheelchair accessible. Running time 60 mins approx.

Doors open 8.15pm, show starts 9pm (for 6pm show on Sat 28th doors open 5.15pm).  Please be advised that refreshments are not available at this venue. 

Presented by Lauren-Shannon Jones and Hannah Mamalis

In partnership with D-Light Studios



Venue location and travel information:

On-street parking only, please check local signage.

D-Light Studios is well served by Dublin Bus routes 14, 15, 27, 31, 32, 42, 43, 53 and 130. Alight at junction Amiens St/Portland Row or North Strand Rd/ Newcomen Bridge. Venue approx 5min walk from bus stop.


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