Curse Hunters

Venue: Your Home
Fri 30 Oct – Mon 2 Nov | Available via Actionbound App

An interactive adventure game, playable at home anywhere in the world,  delivered through your phone or tablet. Fun for all ages, although we think Curse Hunters aged 6-11 will love it most of all…

If you are reading this, then the prophecy has chosen you… it was a very vague prophecy, but we must obey it!

As you will have already noticed, 2020 has unleashed an ancient curse upon the universe. Now it is on you (an “ADULT”) to lead a team of adventurers (“CHILD-FOLK”) to stop it. 

You will guide your young explorers as they create toxic elixirs in the kitchen, compose demon-wooing poetry and dress up like the slick, dimension-surfing HEROES they are. Only then shall the ancient curse be undone! 

PLEASE: SAVE THE UNIVERSE! We really can’t stress enough how important it is that UNIVERSE continues to exist.