Venue: Your Home
Throughout November

Dublin’s streets have always teemed with life and light, and this year we invited a diverse selection of writers and humorists to  recount amusing horror stories with personal twists and flights of fancy, all rooted in their experience of Stoker’s home town.

Featuring stories by Tony Cantwell, Hannah Mamalis, Séamas O’Reilly, Sonya Kelly, Kevin Lehane and Michael Seance, with a special, haunting track by shiv. Listen now!


These artworks, by Holly Periera, The Project Twins and Max Halley, were initially commissioned as illustrations and animations which would have been projected on some of Dublin’s landmark buildings.

All artworks are also available for you to download and print at home.

Presented by Bram Stoker Festival, Neighbrhd & Lightscape.

Suitable for ages 16+.