FANGS Podcast

Venue: Your Home – Via rte.ie/Culture & podcast outlets

Liam Geraghty sinks his teeth into the legacy that Bram Stoker left pop culture in the podcast series FANGS.

From film to animation and from music to puppets, this five episode series features guests such as Bram’s great-grand nephew Dacre Stoker; Anne Marie Pace, author of Vampirina Ballerina; Charlaine Harris, author of Sookie The Southern Vampire Mysteries book series (adapted by HBO as True Blood); Una Woods, author and illustrator of Have You Seen the Dublin Vampire? and Norman Stiles the creator of Count Von Count on Sesame Street

Liam looks at everything from 80’s vegetarian vampire Count Duckula to Jason Segel’s puppet Dracula musical in Forgetting Sarah Marshall


FANGS podcast, created specially for Bram Stoker Festival, is also available through RTÉ Culture’s special Bram Stoker Festival hub on rte.ie/Culture

Recommended for adults only. Episode 4 contains discussion about blood that some people may find upsetting (it features interviews with ‘real’ vampires eg. people who drink blood).