Macnas At Home

National gallery of Ireland

Venue: Your Home

Join The Boy Explorer and create your own magical world of Macnas at home.

The Boy Explorer has returned and he needs your help. He had been wondering how to celebrate Hallowe’en. Well, he’s come up with a brilliant idea: along with magic-makers Macnas, he’s inviting dreamers of every age, from 0 -100 years old, to use the magic of imagination to bring him and his friends to life.


Episode One – Creating Your Story

Episode Two – Movement 

Episode Three – Mask Making


Episode Four – Sound & Drumming

Bram Stoker Festival partnered with Macnas, in a year when a parade wasn’t possible, to bring the magic of Macnas right into your home. In this series of online videos, your children will be guided through the creation of their own Macnas at home experience; from imagining your story, to mask making, movement and sound and drumming, you’ll follow step-by-step as Macnas teach you how to build and stage your own Hallowe’en spectacle at home!

Macnas are master storytellers who inspire and engage audiences creating big, bold, visual shows and performances through world-class theatrical experiences. This Hallowe’en, join them and become a pioneer of imagination at home! 

Suitable for all ages. All videos are captioned in English for deaf/hard of hearing viewers.