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 Audio & Visual Tour available from National Gallery of Ireland website

A darkly comedic tour from two lady-like members of Dublin’s vampire community, Anne and Winifred, who’ll escort you around their favourite corner of the National Gallery of Ireland. Your guides regret that they cannot be with you in person, but promise to whisper in your ear and lead you astray in visions of exposed flesh, murder, darkened rooms, storms and a cruel-to-be-kind dissection of your ‘warmblood’ mortal nonsense and obsession with immortality.

They also have opinions on bridge, needlework and long-term best friendship.  

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Warmbloods is a Bram Stoker Festival special edition of an ongoing series of comedy tours in the National Gallery.

Warmbloods is written and performed by Underthings (Debbie Cheevers and Denny MacDermott) an improv/sketch duo from Dublin.  They specialise in dark, domestic comedy and hard stares.

This tour is available as an audio guide, with visuals, to enjoy at your convenience in your home. The tour is now available via the National Gallery website.

Suitable for ages 12+