Youth Communications Internship

Bram Stoker Festival 2020

Audience & Youth Communications Internship


A new internship with Bram Stoker Festival, funded by Creative Ireland and Dublin City Council, designed to develop skills in audience and youth communications via online and social media  marketing.

The primary purpose of this internship is to nurture and develop the skills of the successful candidate by giving real-world experience of online marketing, digital content creation and social media marketing at one of Dublin’s biggest and most anticipated festivals.

This intern will become part of the festival’s marketing team and the successful candidate will work with industry experts on creating engaging digital content as part of the broader festival campaign.

About Bram Stoker Festival

Dublin’s Dark Side comes alive during four days of deadly adventures at Bram Stoker Festival. Inspired by the heritage of Dublin-born Gothic author Bram Stoker and his notorious novel Dracula, Bram Stoker Festival playfully celebrates the gothic, the mysterious, the after-dark and the thrill of ever-darkening days and long nights. In 2020, the festival will do this in entirely new and unprecedented circumstances.

Bram Stoker Festival is produced for Dublin City Council and Fáilte Ireland by Schweppe Curtis Nunn Ltd.

The Ideal Candidate

In 2020, the festival will launch a TikTok account, and we want your help in finding a new, young audience for the festival using this creative new channel. The festival will help you develop your skills in content creation for social media, with a particular focus on introducing the festival’s TikTok channel.

We’re looking for someone who enjoys creating creative content – whether that’s personally or for creative projects of your own.

You’ll be excited to explore the potential of TikTok and other platforms for reaching audiences, particularly youth audiences.

You don’t need to have professional experience, but you do need to demonstrate your enthusiasm for using online and social content for creating engaging stories which grab attention.

The ideal candidate will be:

  • Able to demonstrate their creativity and passion for the role, which requires creating fun, engaging content

  • Enthusiastic about learning how to use TikTok in a professional context

  • Passionate about the arts (including but not limited to film, theatre, visual art, gaming, photography, digital art, fashion, design, poetry, writing and beyond), festivals and events

  • Diligent and want to gain experience in the festival and event industry

What We’ll Do

We’ll give you access to everything you need to make fun TikToks and other social content – our artists, our venues, our back catalog of videos and photographs, as well as any tools (phone, laptop) you’ll need to perform these tasks.

We’ll listen to your ideas on how to use these effectively and you’ll coordinate with our team, artists, photographers, PR managers and production managers to create content which you believe will reach diverse young audiences in Ireland and abroad.

Our team, including you, will be working (mostly) remotely due to Covid19. However, we’ll be on hand (and online!) to work with you to ensure you feel supported and confident every step of the way. 

Core Responsibilities 

You’ll work with the Festival marketing manager and co-directors in executing some parts of our youth communications strategy. This includes marketing the festival to local, national and international young audiences. The intern will, after a period of research, trial and error, self-guided learning and training with marketing experts:

  • Take ownership of Bram Stoker Festival’s TikTok account and create TikToks for release on the channel

  • Build the account’s audience with creative content

  • Liaise with artists participating in the festival to create TikToks with them

  • Present ideas and keep the festival marketing manager up to date on progress and planned content

  • Liaise with the festival photographer and videographer to accompany them, when possible, on photo shoots to capture content for TikTok

  • Write a report, at the end of the festival, on the outcomes of the internship


Internship: Professional Benefits 

The intern will gain experience from industry leaders on:

  • Youth Communications

  • Audience Development

  • Marketing

  • PR

  • Professional Content Creation

  • Working within an event production and management team

  • Festival production, marketing and communications

The intern will also gain:

  • Access to a team of industry experts and professionals who work across multiple events and festivals in Dublin and nationally

  • Access to leaders in programming, marketing, PR, design, administration, photography, videography and production

  • Insights into how festivals actually work and operate

  • Insights into marketing, copywriting, digital content creation, campaign planning, artist liaison and scheduling, social media marketing


A per-day fee of €90 will be paid to the intern, capped at €2,250.

Transport & Expenses

The position will require the intern to travel to locations in Dublin city centre. Expenses for transport and travel will be paid.

Provision of phone / laptop to complete tasks

Access to or ownership of a laptop and/or smartphone to carry out the requirements of the internship is not essential. Should the candidate not have access to or own these items, the festival will provide them.

Duration of Internship

The intern will complete 25 days with the festival between the dates 21st September and 6th November. The intern will be required to write and submit a report on their experience of the internship by this date. In total, 25 days

Equal opportunities 

This is an equal opportunities position, and no candidates will be discriminated on the grounds of gender, marital status, family status, age disability, sexual orientation, race, religion, or membership of the Traveller community.


How To Apply

We can only accept applications from people aged 18 and over. 

Fill in the below form and introduce yourself to us.

The closing date for application is midday on September 14th and we’ll be in touch with candidates we’d like to interview by September 16th. Online interviews will be conducted on September 17th and 18th