Festival Crypt

A selection of experiences from previous Bram Stoker Festivals which can still be enjoyed now in your own home!


Three Castles Burning Podcast

Donal Fallon’s Three Castles Burning podcast is dedicated to the lesser-known dimensions of Dublin’s past.

In a special edition for Dublin City Council Bram Stoker Festival, Donal Fallon explores how Irish supernatural writing did not begin or end with the great Bram Stoker. Indeed, even within Stoker’s own family there were other great writers. In this very special edition of the podcast, actor Kathy Rose O’Brien brings to life four extraordinary authors, while Brian J. Showers of Swan River Press talks us through this genre.


Fangs Podcast

Liam Geraghty sinks his teeth into the legacy that Bram Stoker left pop culture in the podcast series FANGS. From film to animation and from music to puppets, this five episode series features guests such as Bram’s great-grand nephew Dacre Stoker; Anne Marie Pace, author of Vampirina Ballerina; Charlaine Harris, author of Sookie The Southern Vampire Mysteries book series (adapted by HBO as True Blood); Una Woods, author and illustrator of Have You Seen the Dublin Vampire? and Norman Stiles the creator of Count Von Count on Sesame Street.

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Macnas at Home 

Our special Macnas at Home series can still be enjoyed as a creative activity for your children at any time! Let your imagination run free with The Boy Explorer and all our Macnas friends as you learn about creating a story, movement, mask-making and drumming.




A darkly comedic tour from two lady-like members of Dublin’s vampire community, Anne and Winifred, who’ll escort you around their favourite corner of the National Gallery of Ireland. Your guides regret that they cannot be with you in person, but promise to whisper in your ear and lead you astray in visions of exposed flesh, murder, darkened rooms, storms and a cruel-to-be-kind dissection of your ‘warmblood’ mortal nonsense and obsession with immortality.



RTÉ Bram Stoker Festival Culture Hub

The RTÉ Culture Bram Stoker Hub, featuring exclusive content about all things Stoker, is still live! There are lots of articles, videos, podcasts and more to enjoy at home, including a newly commissioned radio drama, an archive production of Dracula by the RTÉ Players, interviews with celebrated historians and experts and lots of audio treats.