I am NOT Legend with Live Score by Matthew Nolan

Pepper Canister Church

Venue: Pepper Canister Church, 7 Mount Street Crescent, Dublin 2

Sunday 29 October at 6.30pm

Tickets: €22 (including + €1 booking fee)

A film by Andrea Mastrovito. Score produced by Matthew Nolan (Guitar / electronics / synths) in collaboration with Kevin Murphy (cello) and Ceara Conway (vocals)

Bram Stoker Festival presents the Irish Live Premiere of this radical reimagining of the cult horror film Night of the Living Dead.

I am NOT Legend is radical reimagining of the cult horror film Night of the Living Dead, set to a pulsing soundtrack, performed live, produced by Irish composer Matthew Nolan.

“I Am NOT Legend plays out like a game of word association, with each line of dialogue consisting of quotes from famous films, books and songs. Each reference builds upon the last as the trapped characters borrow or paraphrase quotes from the universes of Jaws, R.E.M. and War of the Worlds, among many others.” Headstuff Review 

Using his unique technique of drawing, painting, and physically ripping paper by hand, Mastrovito has augmented the film’s original frames to create a completely new story arc. His characters use the words and gestures of others to propel his narrative forward, which Mastrovito likens to how people communicate today via social media and memes – reusing and recycling quotes and images from other sources to comment on their own experiences.

Artist and filmmaker Andrea Mastrovito adds new flesh to one of the masterpieces of horror cinema, Night of the Living Dead, creating a screenplay composed entirely of quotes from famous films, books and other sources – a pop-culture interpretation of one of cinema’s most enduring films.

“Thought-provoking, chilling, and nuanced in its careful uses of adaptation and recontextualisation, Mastrovito’s reimagining will be fascinating viewing for anyone interested in either Romero’s work or wider explorations of popular culture.”Headstuff Review


Age Suitability: 18+

Duration: 68 mins

Dublin City Marathon Road Closures: Please be aware that Dublin City Council’s Traffic Management Plan for the Dublin Marathon 2023 includes road closures at Merrion Square North and Merrion Square South from Friday 27 October until Monday 30 October, which may cause traffic delays in the roads surrounding Pepper Canister Church. Please allow extra time to arrive at the venue for the event. For a full list of road closures, see here.

Latecomers: Latecomers will be admitted. Please note that this is a site-specific venue with unreserved seating. We recommend you get to the venue early in order to choose a suitable seat.

Accessibility: Venue is wheelchair accessible, however there is no wheelchair accessible toilet.

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