Spooky Stories at Marsh’s

Marsh's Library

Venue: Marsh’s Library, St Patrick’s Close, Dublin 8

Saturday 28 October from 10am until 5pm.

Tickets: Free, no tickets required. Entry on a first come, first-served basis. 

For over three centuries, Ireland’s oldest public library has stood in Saint Patrick’s Close on the edge of the Cathedral graveyard, which for early readers provided the only path to its door.

On July 4th 1866, at the age of 18, a young Bram Stoker first came to read in Marsh’s Library. He would return again and again to study captivating maps of Transylvania and delve into works mentioning Vlad Dracul.

Marsh’s Library invites guests to wander the darkened galleries where books of witchcraft, martyrdom and heresy are to be found. Prepare to be enthralled as the library’s knowledgeable staff recount spine-tingling anecdotes from its intriguing past in a setting almost entirely unchanged since Stoker’s visit.

Age Suitability: All ages. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Accessibility: Marsh’s Library is not wheelchair accessible.

Marsh’s Library on Google Maps. Click here for a map link to the venue.